Welcome to the Tauren Wells School of Music.

Your home for personal and private instruction from the members of one of the hottest touring bands today. Each musician, hand-picked by six-time Grammy®-nominated Tauren Wells, is now available to you help you hone your skills to become the singer, musician, or worship leader you are inspired to be.

Elevating the gifts and skills of others is something I’m extremely passionate about. Especially when it revolves around the areas of creativity, music, and worship. My hope through this online school is that you will be given the insight, coaching, and inspiration necessary to grow from wherever you are currently to where you see yourself in the future. My band is comprised of some of the greatest guys, Christians, musicians, vocalists, worship leaders, and teachers that I know. Dig in with them and let them help you develop your heart and your craft.

For His Glory,

Music School



From the privacy of your own home or practice room, and utilizing live video conferencing technology and email, the instruction is private, personal, and individualized. It’s the next best thing to being in the same room together. A typical session is 30 minutes. The price per session is $60.

To register for sessions, simply click on the instrument/instructor of your choice below. An automated email will appear. In the email, simply describe the instruction you’re seeking, including a bit about your experience, and then click “Send.” The instructor you email will respond to you within 48 hours, providing you further information on scheduling, logistics, and payment methods (typically PayPal).

It’s that simple. You’re literally one click away from private, personal, and individualized instruction from one of the top musicians in the country.


DRUMS and MUSIC DIRECTORChristopher Strawder

Chris Strawder, originally from Houston, TX and now living in Nashville, TN, has been drummer and music director for Grammy®-nominated artist Tauren Wells since the early stages of his career. With more than 15 years of musical experience, Chis is passionate about teaching individuals the fundamentals of drumming, technique, execution and bringing excellence to both studio and live environments.

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BASS GUITARAndrew Koontz

Andrew has been playing bass for 20 years including the last 3 years professionally.  During those years, he’s had the experience of playing small gigs, large gigs, recording both live and studio sessions, being a part of a worship team and road experience as a touring musician.  The before mentioned journey has resulted in a vast accumulation of life and music experiences to be shared where needed.  Let’s start your journey!

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Uriah Solis is a touring and session guitarist based in Nashville, TN. Uriah has been playing guitar since he was 12 years old, and shortly after graduating from Belmont University in 2017, he was given a great opportunity to play guitar for Tauren Wells, which he’s been doing ever since. Throughout these years, Uriah has shared amazing experiences with his band mates and has been learning what it means to be a musician for a living. He would love the chance to share what he’s learned and help fellow musicians in whatever capacity he can.

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Davies is a well-rounded vocal coach with over 12 years of experience. He has worn many different hats as a vocalist, including solo recording artist, featured and background vocalist (with multiple recording credits), a worship leader, and currently background vocalist for Grammy®-nominated artist Tauren Wells.

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KEYBOARDSLouie Higuera

Whether in the studio, or in a live setting, Louie Higuera takes his craft seriously. Based in Nashville, TN, he’s traveled with numerous artists all over the world and has played every genre imaginable during his 15+ year career. Fluent in Pro Tools, Ableton, and Sound Design, Louie stays busy touring, playing studio sessions, remote tracking, and giving lessons.

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