Announcing Solo Project & Signing Deal With Provident Label Group

Many people have been asking what’s next for me after “Royal Tailor”. I am excited to share that I have signed a solo deal with Provident Label Group. This move has been a calling on my life that I’ve been wrestling with for awhile now and through prayer, my wife’s support, and a great team of management and advisors around me, I have made the plunge.

My first single as a solo artist, “Love Is Action,” has only been out for a couple of weeks but has already had major impact and was followed up with a wicked cool music visual. You can check it out below:

Prior to “Love Is Action” hitting the airwaves, “Undefeated”, featuring my buddy and Reach Records heavy hitter, KB was picked up by the internet-famous video series Dude Perfect as the featured song in their “World Records Edition” episode which has garnered more than 23 million views since its release.

While all of the hype has been great, I am not trying to be famous or cool for the sake of being cool. I want to say something that impacts people. I can’t say that I had that at 22. I feel provoked to do something and I want it to be multi-dimensional. I want the listener to feel inspired, but also to ask questions. I feel like the music is the runway to taking people somewhere. I hope to use this solo platform as a way to minister to more, reach more, and love more.