I developed a passion for reading as a teenager when I realized that a lot of the potential resident inside of us can be awakened by digging into a great book. Authors can challenge our paradigms, awaken new ideas, and show us new paths forward as we read. That’s why the Tauren Wells Book Club! It’s free to join. Just be sure you read the book!

From time to time, I’ll be hosting a multi-week Zoom discussion on a book that I believe will have an amazing impact on you, because it’s had an impact on me. That’s why this book club for the month of February has been on my heart. 

In light of all the social frustration, racial tension, and political divisiveness roiling our country and our communities right now, Miles McPherson’s perspective shared in his most recent book,  The Third Option, is essential to understanding that there is another way that you won’t hear from the right or left. It’s a kingdom perspective. 

I can’t wait to jump in with you all and have conversations each week on Zoom about the impact this book is having! Access is limited, so register early!